icebat webinar2

This item is about the webinar series, being the - temporary - successor of the successful ICEBAT congresses. The last one took place in Las Vegas in 2018. 

The first one, about loading systems, will be at September 13 (Sunday) at 16.00 Central European Time. It will be the first of a series: quarterly webinars with experts from the aquatic industry.

This first webinar will be a revised and updated version of the successful workshop of the WCPT congress 2019 in Geneva. It was the only aquatic event,selected by the WCPT scientific committee: presented by the IATF senior lecturers Urs Gamper, Ben Waller and Johan Lambeck.

Information about subscription will come soon. Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be included in the mailing list for interetsted attendees.

Johan Lambeck
scientific chair

Webinar loading systems

This ifirst webinar will take 3 hours including introduction, moderation, break and discussion. The other ones will be 1.5 hours at maximum. Subscribers will also have access to the webinar afterwards.