Lecturer qualifications

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Aquatic Therapy is offered at the Valens course

CAS explained
Swiss universities (Swissuni, http://www.swissuni.ch/titles/index_EN) run a continuing education programme, of which the Certificate of Advanced Studies is the successor of post-graduate diploma courses. A CAS offers specific training on a particular topic, enabling students to acquire an additional qualification in a particular area. Courses equate a minimum of 10 European Credits (ECTS) and require an investment of about 300 hour’s work, including self study, a short project.

The Valens CAS Aquatic Therapy is accredited by the SUPSI university of applied sciences in Landquart (CH) to offer a CAS: 5 credits for WST, 3 for BRRM and 2 for the other modules. The eligibility to give credits for this course, according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), also means a recognition of it’s academic level. Our CAS is only eligible for applicants of the Valens course who have a Bachelor degree. The 10 credits can only be earned by those that study at a University (of Applied Sciences) that participates in the ECTS system.

This also means additional work:

  • individual examination for WST and BRRM with Urs Gamper and Johan Lambeck
  • A case report of 10 WST treatments within 3 months
  • A case report of 6 BRRM treatments within 3 months

WST: the course itself, as well the extra work before, during and after the course will give 5 credits

BRRM: the course itself, as well as the extra work before, during and after the course will give 3 credits

The other modules 3 - 5 will give 2 credits. There will be no exam's or post-course work involved.

SUPSI charges a fee for the administration of the credits and the study centre also for the extra work involved (individual examination, assessing the case reports)

i.m.r: involuntary movement reaction functions

SRC: sagittal rotation control

TRC: transversal rotation control

LRC: longitudinal rotation control

CRC: combined rotation control

BIS: balance in stillness

TG: turbulent gliding

SP: simple progression

BM: basic movement

Dear colleague,

IATF is a charity aiming at the initiation, stimulation and development of aquatic therapy across the world. In order to achieve this aim, the foundation has created subgroups that are focused on the specific development of concepts and techniques.
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IATF is proud to present this website with audio-visual material related to Water Specific Therapy (WST), which is defined as a motor (re)learning program in water, using it's mechanical constraints , which includes elements of the Halliwick 10 Point Programme. WST is focused on objectives at the ICF levels of function and structure, activity and also participation to achieve an increase in quality of life. WST is evidence based and uses all elements of clinical reasoning and fits in the allied health competence profiles.
We have followed the structure of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), but also highlighted the special topics in WST: the Ten Points and fluidmechanics.

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Username and password for this website will only be sold to participants of courses, recognized by the Association  International Aquatic Therapy Faculty. IATF is registered in Bad Ragaz / Valens, Switzerland and is the mother association of the Water Specific Therapy Network (WSTN).

The subgroups that exist at the moment are:

  • Water Specific Therapy Network (WSTN)
  • Bad Ragaz Ring Method Network (BRRMN)
  • Clinical Ai Chi Network (CACN)
  • Aqua-T-Relax Network (ATRN)

Urs Gamper,   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Johan Lambeck, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and www.halliwick.nl
Senior WST Lecturers and IATF board members