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This section contains a selection of presentations from the conference Aqua-Leuven2015, taking place in April 2015 at the KULeuven in Belgium. The presentations are mainly related to either the association IATF or to the EWAC company; two of the external sponsors.

Presentaciones de la Conferencia

Esta sección contiene una selección de presentaciones pertenecientes a la Conferencia Aqua-Leuven 2015, dada en Abril 2014 en la Universidad de Leuven en Bélgica. Las presentaciones están principalemente conectadas con la Asociación IATF o con la Empresa EWAC: son los 2 sponsores externos.

  1. AQUA - LEUVEN 2015 Book of Abstracts
  2. Lambeck (2015) Dynamic and static balance with underwater obstacles
  3. Gamper (2015) gait variability with underwater treadmill
  4. Waller (2015) Cardiovascular training with aquatic equipment
  5. Graça et al (2015) AT for stroke - case study
  6. Meyer et al (2015) Halliwick vs classical AT in CP - RCT
  7. Skoutelis & Iatrou (2015) Infant obstetric brachial plexus palsy-case report
  8. Jorgic et al (2015) gross motor function and swimming skills in CP
  9. Martinéz et al (2015) AT in a child with a chromosome deficit- case study
  10. Kotzamanidou et al (2015) elderly and hip replacement
  11. Kotzamanidou et al (2015 gait and balance developmental disorders)
  12. Stickl (2015) Halliwick for children with a damaged CNS
  13. Stickl (2015) Halliwick for children with a damaged CNS text
  14. Gürpinar (2015) Barriers and motivators of Turkish PT's
  15. Gürpinar (2015) Combined spa therapy for SA
  16. Gürpinar (2015) Force production of aquatic equipment
  17. Gürpinar (2015) Patient's choice of AT in rheumatology
  18. Prashanth (2015) Aquatic therapy in India
  19. Waller (2015) systematic reviewing
  20. Sato (2015) immersion modulating cortical excitability
  21. Forestier (2015) TAE and immersion in rheumatologic disorder
  22. Morer (2015) Stroke treatment in a health resort
  23. Martínez (2015) case chromosome 17p13.3 WST
  24. Sá (2015) balance, fear of falls and QoL in elderly
  25. Sá (2015) balance, fall risk and older persons, systematic review
  26. Becker (2015) Aquatic Activity and the Brain
  27. Cider (2015) Water immersion and aquatic exervise in cardiac patients PP
  28. Zivi (2015) peripheral neuropathies
  29. Gotti (2015) Parkinson's disease
  30. Sandri (2015) Duchenne
  31. Silva (2015) case peropheral neuropathy



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